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At Father’s Feet

Are you lost in this world?

Have you been struggling with cares of the world?

There is a place for you.

The one who calls you his own is waiting for you.

His arms are wide open for you.

He is waiting with robe and ring.

Come and rest in his arms.

At the father’s feet is the devotion about the compassionate and loving father whose compassion and love never ended even after the rebellion and sins of his sons and daughters. This devotion will introduce the readers with Heavenly Father who is compassionate and whose love is reckless and relentless; waiting with arms wide open for his children to return home.

While Jesus was doing his earthly ministry, he used to speak in parables to his people. One of the famous parables that Jesus spoke is the parable of the prodigal son where he introduces the love and compassion of Heavenly father. Let’s look at this parable from Luke 15:11-27

While reading this parable, something that I realized is that this younger son was always under the protection of father and never saw the outside world; because of that, a desire was created in him to look around the fascinating world. As a result, he chose to take away his inheritance and run to the world. He finally ends up wasting all that he received from his father on extravagant and reckless living. He then starts laboring for the things that were freely given to him once by his father but still he was famished as no one could feed him the way his father did. Finally, he ends up realizing his mistake and he walks back to the home. His father who saw him from afar returning, ran towards him and kissed him. The son repents but his father interferes and asks his servants to bring his own robe, the ring as a seal of sonship, and the best shoes for his son.

There are many areas of our life where we act like this prodigal son to our heavenly father.

Did you come out of the father’s protection?

This is the first question I want to ask you as you read this article. This question is not to condemn you but to bring you back to your heavenly father.

This son received his inheritance from the father but he used that inheritance for the things that he found fascinating. Is there anything of this world that you found so fascinating that you chose to come out and seek after it? Have you done the same as prodigal son in your life?

What are you famished of today?

Is there anything in your life that you are famished of? It can be anything like Love, protection, peace, joy, acceptance, forgiveness etc. When we come out of the fathers shelter, we get void of everything that only our heavenly father can give. We try searching for it in the people, relationships, jobs, and many other things that can temporarily please us and fill our egos.

Are you laboring for it?

Because of our famished condition, we start laboring for these just like prodigal son. We beg for it. As we realize our need for all these, we try to earn it via various means. We try to do things to receive love, acceptance, peace, joy but we forget that it was freely given to us in our father’s house. Just for an example: there was a man who always felt unloved. Now this man found a girl who is fascinating and pretends to love him. So whenever this girl get the things from him, she would shower all her love to him. So this man started laboring to receive the love that he was always famished of. How many times, we do the same in our life?  Remember, in this world all that you are laboring for is freely given to us by our heavenly father through his son Jesus Christ.

Look at your heavenly father, he is full of love. The love that is relentless and reckless. The love that will never give up on you. The love that sacrifices. The love that take care of your needs. Look at the one who died on the cross for you representing the Father’s love for each one of us. It was for you and i.

When we choose to run towards the things of the world, we are robbed off our identity and everything that has been given to us as an inheritance.

Lets turn back to our home

So, the prodigal now decides to come back home and his heart was full of repentance. He turned his back towards the world and walked towards his home. The son was walking but his father came running for him as soon he saw him returning. That’s how our heavenly father is. He runs for us. We just need to take 1 step and rest, he would come running for us. We might think that the Lord will not accept us back because of the rebellion and all sins we did but the truth is completely opposite of this.

Repentance is the way back home

If we want to return to our Father in heaven this day, the only we can do is through repentance. The prodigal repented (he was not only sorry but he chose to turn his back towards the world/ things that separated him and his father).

As it is written, God resists the pride but lifts the humble (James 4:6). Just Humble yourself down in front of him and God is ready to receive you back as you choose to repent.

Psalm 34: 18 “The Lord  is close to the brokenhearted
    and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

If it is your rebellion or pride that has separated you from your heavenly father, return to him now. He is ready to receive you. He will change the clothes that the world gave by giving you his own robe (robe of righteousness), give you his ring (Holy Spirit) as a seal of his sonship and best shoes.

He is ready to restore and revive all that you lost in the world (your identity, strength, soul, life).

Do not hold yourself from the Lord. It is the perfect time to return to the father in heaven. Just go at his feet and he is ready to receive you in his heart.

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, I just pray for beloved readers that if any void is there is their life; you will fill them and there will be a conviction in their hearts that they will return to you like prodigals with repentance in their hearts. I pray father as they return, they will never run away from you but will live with true identity, dominion, and authority in you. I pray for you peace to fill the hearts and minds of the readers and your love to be overflowing in and through them. Meet their needs according to your glorious riches daddy. In Jesus’s name, Amen.


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