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Loving and Compassionate Father

This article is in continuation of At Father’s Feet and Are you stuck? As I wrote in my last article that most of us recognize the creator of heaven and earth as our Lord but we really find it difficult to look at him as our father. Many think that he must be some cruelContinue reading “Loving and Compassionate Father”

Are you stuck?

This article is in continuation with the last article “At Father’s feet.” Many times, we want to return to our father in heaven, we have the hearts burning for him but many things stop us from receiving to the fullness all God has for us. We acknowledge Him as Lord and God but somewhere weContinue reading “Are you stuck?”

At Father’s Feet

Are you lost in this world? Have you been struggling with cares of the world? There is a place for you. The one who calls you his own is waiting for you. His arms are wide open for you. He is waiting with robe and ring. Come and rest in his arms. At the father’sContinue reading “At Father’s Feet”